Sydney Private Investigator does Homeland!

Leading Sydney private investigator Lipstick Investigations was recently asked to teach a quick investigation training course for some media journalists to coincide with the promotion of the Emmy award winning US television program “Homeland”.

Lipstick Investigations, along with sister agencies Agency99 Investigations and Integral Investigations, and its training subsidiary The Investigative Collective organised a crash-course in being a Sydney private investigator corresponding with the release of Homeland Season 2.

The first part of the surveillance training course was held in a posh hotel suite, and then after covering all of the basics the students set out into the Sydney CBD for a field exercise. Of course we had to engineer the whole private investigation exercise due to the limited time so we had a handful of licensed private investigators organised to be the ‘bad guys’ and there were two other private detectives showing the students around explaining surveillance methods and the ideal way to carry out an investigation of this type. We had to engineer the course in such a way that it utilised the usual types of activities a target will do – static surveillance (watching a target form a fixed point), foot surveillance (following on foot) and mobile surveillance (following in vehicles).

The journalists / students followed one target through the Sydney streets in the morning peak hour on foot before she climbed on to a bus, then catching a ferry, where she met with a second target and switched some ‘stolen plans’. They both then went and caught a train, before separating. The new target (now holding the ‘plans’) then got into a taxi where we had a surveillance car waiting. The cab was tracked to a drop-off point some kilometres away where the ‘stolen plans’ were handed over to a final target.

The students and the private investigators all met up at the end for a debrief and a giggle about the morning’s activities – and the successes enjoyed. All the journalists agreed that being a private investigator in Sydney is not the easiest thing to do!

After the course there were a number of articles written by the journalists including these light-hearted looks at being a Sydney private investigator. The first is a story written by Toby McCasker from the Fairfax publication “The Vine”. You can read the article by following this link

And a second entertaining critique was penned by Cathy Morris and printed in mX Magazine – of which over six hundred thousand copies are handed out to Sydney commuters.

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