Private Investigators Sydney, Gold Coast – Welcome

Welcome to Lipstick Investigations, Australia’s highest profile relationships private investigators. We have an office in North Sydney just over the Harbour Bridge from the Sydney CBD where we have been since 1997. We also have an office in Broadbeach, on the beautiful Gold Coast of Queensland, opened in June 2010.
We have been carrying our private investigation services under the very same management right around Australia since our establishment in 1996. Our clients come from across Sydney and the Gold Coast as well as around Australia, and from as far afield as the United States of America and the United Kingdom. No assignment is too big or too small and over that period of time we have pretty much seen every scenario imaginable come through the door………
The methods used to gain results for our clients are wide and varied (to be discussed individually in later articles). However as we are licensed by the police in each state, we are bound by Australian laws which are quite strict so we aren’t prepared to plant listening devices or use vehicle trackers like other private detectives do in the movies. It also normally takes us more than an hour to solve a complex case – we obviously don’t have the resources of the CSI team!!
There are two main areas of private investigation used in Australia.
• The first is surveillance. Surveillance is literally the art of following a person about and recording their movements – where they go – who they meet – what they do. This is the most common form of investigation for Lipstick Investigations. If you need to establish if your partner is cheating or committing infidelity or if you need information for an upcoming Family Law case then this is often the best way to document the events that are happening. It is nearly impossible for your spouse or partner to argue against video evidence!
• The second method we use to gather information is known as factual investigation. This entails pretty much anything that is not surveillance! For example, we will carry out computer inquiries from public and private databases, monitor social media such as Facebook and Twitter, we will analyse computer and telephone information, and we will go out and talk to people the get the answers you need.
Of course there are some cases which require an individual specialty – something completely different. There aren’t too many investigations cases we have not been able carry out, and there have been some AMAZING assignments over the years. We wish we could tell you, but of course privacy and client discretion are of utmost importance to us.
Stay tuned for regular updates. We will definitely keep you informed. If you have any questions in the meantime, just call or email us at any time.