why lipstick investigations?

Are you looking for the leading Sydney investigator? Lipstick Investigations specialises in relationships and has been carrying out sensitive and personal private investigations for 20 years and we have a wealth of experience in matters including cheating partners and infidelity investigations, family law investigations, social media, computer and database investigations. We also have an amazing track record on locating biological family such as adopted children and birth mothers and fathers.

We have licensed Sydney private investigators available for your needs. Telephone inquiries will be answered by a private investigator who can help guide you through and advise what will be the best way to get the information you need. We also have private investigators available on the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions, as well as affiliate private investigation firms around the country and the globe.

Sydney Investigator Cost and Process

Whilst we are the leading Sydney investigator specialising in all things ‘relationship’, we aren’t too big or famous to take on your private investigation. Not all investigations cost tens of thousands of dollars and we understand that. Call us on 1300LIPSTICK or email us at and let us know some background on your particular situation or problem. With our decades of experience there is very little that we haven’t heard before and we are sure we can assist with a Sydney investigator to listen to the scenario and advise accordingly. There is no fee for this initial conversation so drop us line. Sometimes an investigation may be quite small such as a few hours surveillance, or looking up some databases to find out some basic information but we are more than happy to take on these sorts of investigations. For a guideline on what a Sydney investigator may cost please head to this blog article on our main site  CLICK TO READ BLOG 

Lipstick Investigations has an unbeatable relationship with the Australian media. When the media is looking for industry comment on anything relating to Sydney private investigators they invariable come to Lipstick. Over the years we have appeared on Today Tonight, 7 News, 9 News, the premium SBS current affairs program Insight, Studio 10, This Time Next Year, Today and Mornings on Channel 9, The Block, ABC’s The Insiders, Triple M, 2DayFM and KiisFM with Kyle & Jackie O, 2UE, SeaFM, ABC-FM, 4BC, Hot Tomato, SMH Good Weekend, Herald, Daily Telegraph, Maxim, FHM, Penthouse, 9to5, NW, MX, Woman’s Day, New Idea, Bazaar and DailyMail Online (internationally). Google our name and there are no negative reviews or news and media articles on our business – this is something we are extremely proud of and covet highly and has only been achieved because we do the right thing by our clientele and offer an extremely personal and private service. Have a look at some of our media videos below and note the length of time between some early videos and some more recent – proof of our years of experience as a Sydney investigator.