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Why Lipstick Investigations ?

Australia’s Foremost Relationship Investigations Team

  Are you looking for Australia’s leading relationships private investigators? Lipstick Investigations has been carrying out sensitive and personal private investigations for 20 years and we have a wealth of experience in matters including cheating partners and infidelity investigations, family law investigations, social media, computer and database investigations.   When the media is looking for industry comment on anything relating to private investigators they invariable come to Lipstick. Over the years we have appeared on Today Tonight, 7 News, 9 News, the premium SBS current affairs program Insight, Studio 10, Today and Mornings on Channel 9, The Block, ABC’s The Insiders, Triple M, 2DayFM and KiisFM with Kyle & Jackie O, 2UE, SeaFM, ABC-FM, 4BC, Hot Tomato, SMH Good Weekend, Herald, Daily Telegraph, Maxim, FHM, Penthouse, 9to5, NW, MX, Woman’s Day, New Idea, Bazaar and Daily Mail Online (internationally).   We have licensed Sydney private investigators available for your needs. Telephone inquiries will be answered b y a private investigator who can help guide you through and advise what will be the best way to get the information you need.   We also have private investigators available on the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions, as well as affiliate private investigation firms around the country and the globe.

Featured in SBS Insight

Lipstick Investigations was approached by the premium SBS news program INSIGHT, and was asked to provide expertise on all things relating to private investigation and infidelity within Australia. David King, CEO of Lipstick Investigations, was a guest on SBS INSIGHT – INFIDELITY – 06 April 2010. David has been a private investigator for almost 20 years. Most of his investigation work involves investigating possible infidelities. David estimates that when he follows someone, about 80% of the time he finds evidence that there is an infidelity going on. Click on the video link below to watch the show.

Featured on Channel 9’s Today Show

David King, the Managing Director of Lipstick Investigations was asked to talk about the investigation industry on Channel 9’s ‘Today’ Show on 7th February 2015. A general discussion on cheating, infidelity, family law and other things private investigators can do in Sydney, Gold Coast and around the country.

Featured in Today Tonight

Lipstick Investigations was again asked by the leading Australian current affairs program Today Tonight, to comment on workplace absenteeism. Absenteeism from the workplace via false injuries or fake sick days costs the Australian economy billions of dollars every year. Lipstick Investigations have offices in Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane as well as affiliates throughout the country. Click on the video link below to watch the show.


Live to air in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and regional areas with Merrick and the Highway Patrol on the TripleM network. This was a light-hearted chat about a serious subject. Valentine’s Day and infidelity. Click on the video link below to listen to the show.

We Will Get Your Answers

Lipstick Investigations has sourced amazing new nightvision video cameras to assist with filming in the dark of night. Private detectives have always struggled with getting results in the dark and now we have the equipment to turn night into day. Click on the video below to see what our new camera sees! The video on the left is filmed with the new nightvision camera – and the frame on the right was with the regular high quality video cameras we use during the day. These two video cameras were literally wrapped together side-by-side and the record buttons pushed at the same time. We sent the ‘target’ down on to the jetty to pick up the bucket clearly visible while looking at the nightvision video. It was pitch black and when he got down on to the wharf he couldn’t find the bucket – he nearly kicked it over twice! See how easy it is to see from 20 metres away!

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