The team at Lipstick Investigations uses specialised techniques to get our results. These techniques include:


Quite often, surveillance is the only method of investigation that gets answers. LIPSTICK INVESTIGATIONS will follow and observe a subject using modern techniques and advanced technology. This type of private investigation is the most common, and does solve most problems. As they say ….. SEEING IS BELIEVING. We do have to work within the law and can’t tap phone or hack computers, but we do our utmost to get the results for our clients and get those questions answered and to help them move on with their lives in whatever direction eventuates during an investigation.


With camera technology improving all of the time, a remedy for your problem may be within arm’s reach. We can supply and install covert cameras in your home, business, car or just about anything. A picture doesn’t lie!!.


This was what LIPSTICK INVESTIGATIONS was founded on, and while it is still a service we offer, most issues are solved with alternate means such as surveillance. But sometimes this is the only way ……. Test your partner out with our decoys. We’ll arrange an assignment where we can send a decoy into your partner’s favourite watering hole or gym, workplace or cafe, flirt with them and chat them up, and see what happens next.


We have carried out countless investigations over the last two decades for individuals and law firms where the evidence is required in court. All of our investigators are fully licensed in their respective states, and all are considered as an ‘expert witness’ in a court of law. We are rarely called to court though as our reports and video footage are considered to be excellent evidence in most cases. A report and video is INCLUDED in the cost of your investigation, there are no additional fees like other private investigators charge.