Lipstick Investigations and The Kyle & Jackie O Show

Lipstick Investigations have been chosen to work with the Kyle & Jackie O Show on Sydney’s KiisFM.  You are probably already aware that Kyle and Jackie have been at the top of the Sydney radio ratings heap for a decade and have one of the largest breakfast audiences on Australian radio.

As one of the most well-known private investigators in Sydney, Lipstick Investigations is well versed in all styles of investigation. Whilst we do tend to specialise in infidelity based investigations and relationship investigation, we also do a large amount of family law work. Furthermore we also carry out background checks and locate persons. In fact, the first three cases we are looking into for Kyle and Jackie O are all relating to reuniting lost families.

The first case involved a grandmother called Jane who was looking for her grand-daughter, Rachael. Rachel’s parents had split up when she was about two years old and Jane had longed to re-untie with her grand-daughter who is now eighteen. After much investigation and digging around we were able to locate Rachael and were able to pass on the details to a very relieved Jane. This was a particularly hard case because the surname that Jane had for Rachel was her son’s surname, not the mother’s surname that Rachael was known by. We had a lot of investigation to do to get to the end result.

The second case involved a young man named James, now in his mid-twenties. James had never met his father as his mother was involved with him only fleetingly. James’ mother knew his name so at least James had a starting point. James had been looking for years but had never been able to locate his birth father. Lipstick Investigationstook the case on and we soon realised that the middle name James got from his mother was incorrect, so James had not been able to find his father because the detail was wrong. We were able to go back into the past and locate his father at an address in the early 1990’s and then learn his correct full name. After that detail was sorted it was a relatively straightforward investigation to locate him today. We made contact with James’ father, Peter, and while not wishing to go on the radio, was very happy to be introduced to James. You have to love a happy ending!

There will be more cases to come in conjunction with KiisFM. We are working on more as this blog is prepared. KiisFM and Lipstick – what a great pairing!

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