How much does a Private Investigator cost?

How much does a private investigator cost? Well, that is an excellent question. Private investigation in Australia is a fairly small industry sector, although it is still a competitive one. There are a number of small operators giving the impression that they are larger than they actually are, and a few unscrupulous operators as well. All private detectives are required to be licensed in their states of operation and this can confirmed with a simple check of the licensing authority in the state of operation.

So what is the cost ??…….. There are a variety of diverse services we offer and each product can vary in cost depending on the amount of hours, and expertise required. And to make things more unknown, most investigations don’t come with a fixed charge because we don’t know how long it will take to get the answers required……. think about it logically – it makes total sense. This is especially true for relationship investigations.

For example, nearly all spousal and relationship investigations today are solved by carrying out visual surveillance (following the subject) because this is one of the few legal directions we now have. Surveillance is charged at an hourly rate – not ‘per investigation’. It is a time based exercise until the results come your way, although some customers do have a precise timeframe that they need a private detective so they can work out what it will cost. For example at this time of year we are often called to investigate work Christmas parties because the client was not invited. So the client will often know the exact venue and times they want the partner watched – they can pretty much lock in the cost because it is a one-off event and they will know the hours required.

Surveillance is charged at an hourly rate of $125 per operative used on the job. Some investigations need two and even more operatives and the costs rise consequently. It can be difficult to calculate the typical outlay for a surveillance assignment but we would advise that somewhere in the vicinity of $1500 and $3000 would be quite standard. Many assignments come in at a lesser charge, and some can go way over this average as well. We have solved problems for as little as $500, and some customers have spent well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Occasionally there may be another way to solve a relationship problem including background checks, general database inquiries, computer and mobile phone forensics. In these situations we really have to discuss circumstances of the issue and then we can work out how much it may cost to investigate these alternate directions. You may be pleasantly surprised that many matters may be cheaper than you would have imagined. Call us at any time and we are only too happy to advise further. That’s what we are here for.

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